Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family fun ...

Friday was the Father/Daughter dance ... my Lil' Beauty!

Miss Millie and her Daddy - my they dress up nicely! ;)

Although it was terribly hot (90 degrees), Bruce and Millie did attend the Father/Daughter dance at the Elementary School on Friday night - they danced every Taylor Swift song (Millie's favorite) and Bruce led both the Hokey-Pokey and the Chicken Dance - way to go!!  (I wish I was there with the camera to get tons of pics!)  They came home a bit deflated from the heat, but with giant grins - these are the special memories which will last a lifetime ... and who better to bring Millie to her first dance than her Daddy??  (Bruce even bought her a corsage at the dance - what a softie!)
Saturday was another hot day - Bruce planted more veggies in the garden and I rushed about mowing the lawn - we were both trying to beat the heat!!  In the early afternoon, we had an impromptu pool party!  At one point, there were 9 kids swimming about laughing and playing -- I love the summer! 
On a whim, our friends asked us to join them later that evening for a Monster Truck Rally/Derby - the boys were more than eager to go - so we did!  It was loud (and dirty!) but we all had so much fun!  It's great to go out with friends - especially my closest ones who also have 4 kids = everyone has a playmate - including us parents! haha

The truck was zooming by so quickly, I couldn't focus fast enough!

Bennie's favorite monster truck!

This truck, was getting ready for a crazy stunt ...

A full somersault!  Here he goes ....

.... and CRASH!  It was definitely crazy!

Bennie posing by the 2nd place Derby winner ...
 Now for some tire poses ... (please excuse the white reflections in my kiddos eyes - I cannot seen to fix it!  The kids love it because they look "zombie-ish" - ugh)

Foxie ...

Bennie ...

Ollie ... (He was a bit afraid of how incredibly big the truck was!)

.... and Millie, striking a pose! haha

Daddy makes the truck less scary! xo

and the family ... silly fun!

Sunday was a relaxing, stay at home day ... the kids swam all day ... Bruce and I set up the shade tent and lounged beneath it on some big blankets all afternoon ... we lunched outside and even had a bit of a nap.  I love these lazy kind of days where we don't have any plans ... we can just 'be'. 

I did squeeze in a bit of crochet (of course!) as I love to hook outside in the breeze ... I've started a sofa blanket/throw for our dear cousin who is getting married in July - it dawned on me that I have very little time as it's June already!!  Here are a few pics (mind you, it's in its early stages ;)

this has got to be the BIGGEST hook I've ever seen!  15.25mm!!

But, it does work up quick!

Yesterday, enjoying more sunshine and hooky goodness as Ollie played outside ... ahhh - I so love the summer!


Well, my wonderful readers (wherever you are) enjoy your day - it is another beautiful one here already! Be happy ~ xo

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy days ...

a double rainbow! 

Goodness the past week has been jam packed with many, many things!! 
From "big things" like the Memorial Day parades & music concerts and opening the pool - to the daily day to day happenings of school projects, studying with the kiddos, what to make for dinner (?!) and a bit of hooky goodness at the end of the days (to retain my sanity, of course!) -- phew!  I'm beat!  And this is not even including the seemingly never ending housework & laundry (thankfully Bruce likes to do laundry way more than I do!), lawn work, gardening and veggie garden planting -- oh my!!  The end of May always seems a bit chaotic and oftentimes filled with tears, as the realization that only 5 more weeks of school remain ... But, on two good notes, I was able to meet up with some lovely friends, whom I haven't seen for a year and had dinner -- it was a very welcome night out, sans kiddos!  Also, on Saturday, little Ollie decided to be done with diapers!  After a trip to the store to purchase some special "unders" (as he calls them) Oliver has had great success with potty training!  I know, I know - only parents can get this excited about this sort of thing!!  My wee babe is growing up! ;)


Our Memorial Day holiday was this past Monday -- this day really resonates with our family, as we are trying to teach our children to be thankful and to never forget those men and women who have sacrificed, so that we may enjoy our Rights and Freedoms -- we honor those heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who will always reside in our hearts and we will never forget! 
At the Parade!

My four kiddos, after the parade - ready for some ice cream!
Very proud of Foxie - marching
and playing his dad's Flugabone horn with pride!
Miss Millie was in a choral concert last week and one song, dated from around 1850, was all about mustaches ... so, at the directors request, all children needed their very own mustache - of course, I crocheted one for her -- a lovely thick handle bar one!!  Cute & silly ...

The last big project for the 5th grade has been completed!  It dealt with economics - the creation of a product and it's sale ... Millie & I went around and around with ideas, until we both came up with making iPod/iPhone covers!! 
Next, was trying to come up with a simple pattern that worked -- I toyed with a simple crocheted rectangle, which I'd stitch up the sides like an envelope, but it looked too sloppy ... so, on Friday night (out with my friends at a Pub) I envisioned the bottom and how I'd crochet in the round -- as I was counting in my head, my friend Sandy asked me, "Are you counting?" to which I replied, "Yes!  I'm figuring out a crochet pattern for my daughter."  We both laughed and agreed that I need to get out more!! 
So, with a simple chain and working on the right side only, I was able to create the "cupped bottom" and then the sides.  They turned out super cute and I have many, many requests from friends and family for one -- perhaps Etsy is in my future!! hahaha
the very first one ... yeah!  my first attempt at creating my own pattern ;)

one for the boys ...


the required six iPod covers, all ready for Market Day!
(I am very annoyed that this pic refuses to turn right side up!!! grrrrrr)

After a few days of non-stop iPod case crochet, I was able to pick up my ripple and add a few more rows.  I cannot tell you how much I love this blanket!!!  I smile every time I walk into the kitchen and see it resting on my rocking chair ... 

late night, in my bed hooky - watching Graham Norton

this pic was taken without the flash on - a bit truer color

A close up of the goodness :) 
I love seeing how big this has grown! 
Ollie likes to sit with me as I crochet and snuggle under its rippled loveliness ;)
I've plans to complete the first half of the ripple this weekend -- when I'm not planting the rest of the veggie garden with the family ... we have a busy weekend planned, as usual!!
Friday night is the Father/Daughter dance at the Elementary School and Bruce has asked a very, very excited Millie -- between a new dress, flowery hair bands & new hot pink patent leather sandals, my little princess looks all grown up! ;)  I'll be sure to post pics ...
Have a wonderful weekend!  It's supposed to be in the 90's for the next four days here!  Phew!
Enjoy -- xoxoxo
found this on Facebook - not sure who to give the credit to, but this rings so true for me!! hahaha

love this ... xoxo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Springtime fun and busy things ....

Oh my!  I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted!!  These last weeks have absolutely flown by ... I really do need to be a bit more disciplined about turning the computer on and updating my blog ... but really, I have so much to learn still (about blogging) and have little to no readers, so at times, it feels a bit silly to type out the daily happenings ... I need to read up on Google plus and figure out how to link this blog into that .... however, reading up on technology isn't nearly as fun as crochet!  haha

Alright-y ... since the 7th we've been busy!  Tennis has wound down - Foxie had a really great first go of it at the Modified level and is excited for the summer rec tennis programs ... Bruce has only two more days of tennis and he's done!  We had a bit of an early celebration this past Friday night - we went shopping at the mall, then out for dinner - we had a great night and enjoyed a pint of Guinness!

My treat -- some new hot pink Crocs - just as comfy as my old ones, but much cuter!!

everyone loves the Merry-Go-Round!

yummm ....

Foxie has been practicing his horn like crazy, as both the Jazz Band & Marching band are in full swing.  The Middle School Jazz Band recently played at the Love Your Schools Pep-Rally in Downtown Canandaigua and were fantastic!!  We all enjoyed the music, arts & crafts and food!  All three boys claimed it was the most delicious hot dog they had ever eaten! hahaha 
We are all excited for the Marching Band's upcoming parades too -- the first is this Wednesday; the kids are marching to our local VA Hospital and are playing for the veterans - this is always a poignant performance -- last year, my kiddos shook the hands, thanked and saluted WWII veterans - a very proud Momma moment ;) 
Ollie, at the pep rally, hamming it up for the camera!

Brrr!  It was quite chilly this day ....

You can see Foxie's feet and Baritone bell - he's the 4th chair from the left (in the 2nd row back)

Love Your Schools Banner

Miss Millie has been a very busy 10 year-old!  She has joined the Master Garden Club with her Grandma Meg and created her very first arrangement - although unfinished, it's beautiful!  (I'm so proud, of course! ;)
Millie's "S-shaped" arrangement - I think she did a wonderful job! 
(pay no attention to the rubbish in the background! hehe)

She was also in a class play, School House Rock and had a solo!  Miss Muffet was the Zero Hero - a fitting part for my little mathematician!  The funny thing is, my silly girl kept the fact that she had a solo a secret!  We found out the day of dress rehearsal - she did wonderfully - she so embodies the theatrical arts ;)  She had so much zest and energy and was very expressive -- the whole class production was splendid!

My "Zero Hero"!

In front of the White House - the prop for "I'm Just a Bill"

Waving the Union Jack - during the song about our heritage and how our families came to the US as immigrants - we are all part of the same melting pot
My four kiddos ;)

We also celebrated Mother's Day on May 12th -- I was spoiled with 3 beautiful potted flowers - sunflowers from Millie, Echinacea from Bennie, a ruby red cone flower from Ollie and Foxie chose a hanging flower basket for me - along with some amazing cards!  I was certainly wiping away happy tears - my kiddos are simply the best part of my life - four little people that I was blessed with ;)

The sweetest Mother's Day card from Bennie - he said that we're growing heart flowers because I'm full of love -- how I love that boy!! xoxoxo

the inside of my card ....

a second card full of daisies - my favorite flower

What I woke up to - beautiful cards, flowering plants and hot coffee .... xo

My sweet Bennie ....

Peek-a-Boo!  Ollie being silly - xo

the hanging basket from Foxie ;)

 Millie wrote me a beautiful message and purchased a card with her own money (she was most adamant that I know this) - she chose the sunflower (my late father's favorite) and decorated the little pot with the spider plant in it - I am a most spoiled Mom! xoxo 


Bennie has been spending almost every Saturday with his best buddy, Papa Bill!  They always begin the day bright and early with breakfast - my boy loves pancakes!!  Let's see, in the past month, they've been to the Gun/Rifle Man's club for the annual grounds clean up, to an auction (where they bought a dozen trees!), worked in Papa's workshop on everything from the big dump truck to the tractor to the mower ... they've done a bit of woodworking and quite a bit of tractor work!  The plowing and rotor-tilling of the garden has been done and the boys even managed to plant a few rows of sweet corn!  These two mean business! haha - they have so much fun together - it is such a happy sight for me to see my son sharing this bond with his grandfather ;) 

Driving to town one day, we saw this brand new baby deer - one of a pair just standing up on it's wobbly legs -- his sibling was so new that he still appeared wet!!  We stayed a bit to ensure the little guy didn't wander into the road ... Bennie was quite distressed, as deer are his favorite animal ;)

.... Bruce was successful in shooing the little babe into the tall grass ...

.... but not before getting some incredible pics!!

We couldn't believe how blue his eyes are ...


at last, settled down in the long grass for a rest and to await his mamma ... ;)
My silly boy's pretending to be the baby deer, sleeping in the grass! xo


Little Ollie and I always seem to find lots of things to keep us busy!  He adores playing outside and is old enough now that I can sit on a blanket crocheting while he happily plays in the sand with the trucks and tractors ... or he'll zip about on his tricycle - he is so filled with glee!  Especially if it's time to mow the lawn!  He contentedly sits on my lap or will sprawl out in the wagon if I hitch it up, while we cut the grass - it takes about 2.5 hours! ;)  About a week ago we had a few days of dreary rainy weather and Oliver discovered a special box of Foxie's Thomas the Tank Engine toys ... after begging his big brother and being drilled about the "proper way" to care for and play with said tracks, buildings and engines, the two boys built an amazing colossal train.  It took up the entire floor!  (When I finally purchased and loaded new batteries into my camera, the train was long gone ... sigh)  My boys were so proud - what a bittersweet moment for me - watching my 5'9", 12 year-old son playing with his baby brother ... they laughed at me when the tears came rolling down my cheeks - geesh!  What can I say?  Mommy's are allowed to cry ;)  haha
Bruce laughing at Ollie - he was determined to "win" the push mower race!!

And Oliver was the winner! hahaha

How cute is this?!!?

Where there is loose dirt (or sand in this case) there are bound to be tractors and little boys!

Now onto crochet .... my ripple blanket is growing!!  And, oh my!  What wonderful ripple-y goodness it is ;) Thank you Lucy (from Attic24) for this amazing pattern -- I love it!  It soothes away worries and calms me every time I pick up my hook ...

about a week ago ...

hot pink addition ...

the perfect afternoon - Yorkshire tea, ginger biscuits & crochet ... ;)

OOPS!  This pic is upside down .... taken Friday morning ...

.... and this morning ... the morning light was very pretty streaming through the windows ...

I tried to get the whole blanket in the frame!!

Oh!  I almost forgot to share .... more yummy yarn from the UK - Deramores was having a sale on Debbie Bliss, so I treated myself to some luscious cotton - this will eventually become a blanket for my bed .... I'm sure to need more, but this seems a good place to start!
this is soooo soft!

lovely, tranquil colors ::
left row: purple, truffle brown, cloud grey, white
right row: red, dark teal, light teal, celery green

Well, my dears, if you're truly out there, I best be off the computer - a bit of yoga is in order this morning - I need to work out all the kinks from a weekend of outdoor yard work - lawn mowing, pushing the grass trimmer (ouch! my right hand is sore!), weed pulling, and heavy lifting ... We dug up the front walk (I've a mind to create a patio off the back stoop with these 25 crazy heavy squares) and began preparation to finally landscape the front on the house!!  Yeah!  It has only been 8 years ... hahaha  Then I have loads and loads of laundry (if only it could wash itself!) and need to sweep, again .... dratted grass clippings keep coming inside stuck to doggie and kiddo feet.  Perhaps a bit of outdoor crochet can be managed too - it should be a lovely, warm, sunshiny day! 

red crab apple tree ... so pretty!

pink crab apple ....

aren't these blossoms so beautiful??

the 25 very heavy concrete pavers ... stacked and awaiting to become my patio!

My kitchen garden ...

beautiful hanging basket ;)

Foxie knows what his Mamma likes! xo

waiting to be planted ...
Smile and be happy ... xoxoxo

PS - some of my Instagram fun pics ....

the dew drops were incredible!!

I love the macro lens ;)
the hot pink just pops!!

One more of the baby deer - xo