Thursday, February 28, 2013

an introduction of sorts ...

I guess I should start by warning you that my writing tends to be a bit lengthy (I blame my fabulous English teachers) ... but, well, I really do enjoy writing and, tend to be quite wordy - please don't despair - it's all good! ;)

As I am new to the blogging scene, I thought I'd take a few moments to introduce you to my little world in Upstate NY ...

My husband, Bruce, is a teacher, tennis coach & ski instructor -- but best of all, a wonderful father!  We've made a beautiful family together ... three boys and one little girl: Bruce III (Fox/Foxie) is 12 and in 7th grade; Millicent (Millie/Miss Muffett) is 10 and in 5th grade; Benson (Bennie/B) is 6 and in 1st grade; Oliver (Ollie) is our babe at 3.   

Although, at times it feels as though I've entered the loony bin, I wouldn't change a thing! I truly do adore motherhood ... I marvel at how love multiplies when you have babies ;) plus, we never lack for excitement and laughter at our house!

*          *         *
And now, a bit about me and my love affair with crochet ...
It all began last summer.  My friend Lindee was happily crocheting granny squares (her crochet hook whirring away) as we chatted, drinking tea.  (I confess, this was quite a marvel to me, as the only people I knew that crochet are my grandmothers ...)  I had to learn! 

As soon as I was able, I went to the store, bought myself a book on how to crochet, a couple hooks and a giant skein of yarn ... then it began.  The basic stitches solidly under my belt (how easy it really is!), I began the creation of my first granny square (the squealing excitement by me) ... the dragging my family (hubby too) to the fabric store to find yarn - and GASP!  The colors ... I bought at least 15 skeins (I let my kids choose their colors) and the hooking maddness began, but with very happy results ... 

My first blanket!

My first project, a blanket for my eldest son, Foxie, was a great achievement for me.  I was super excited to show it to both of my grandmothers & my mom -- who were all proud.  And through my enthuasiasm, my mother has begun to crochet again, as has her mother (my Granny Smith).  I've taught my daughter crochet (although she prefers weaving) and have tried to teach Bruce - he claims the look of contentment on my face while I'm crocheting is enought to convince him to have a go at it, alas, he's much too impatient!

I was proud to have given many homemade gifts this past Christmas: a Granny Square for Oliver; a gorgeous Chevron/Ripple afghan for my mother-in-law & 6 or 7 scarves (excellent teacher gifts!)

Oliver's Granny Square blanket

My mother-in-law's afghan

At present, I have quite the assortment of crochet happening:
2 ripple scarves (waiting on more yarn); Millie's blanket; Bennie's blanket; my blanket; a prayer shawl; some frou-frou fun scarves; and kitchen goodies - I made my first hot pad - my goal is to study my Gran's potholders and re-create them!

a super close up of one of the ripple scarves I'm making -
it's a beautiful wool blend - Red Heart Boutique, Midnight Serenade

The above fails to mention the giant cache of yarn I have yet to get into!  I keep becoming inspired by all the beautiful things I see online - last week I got my Mary Maxim package with a beautiful afghan kit & loads of Bernet Waverly yarn for a Circles in Squares pattern I found; then I'm waiting for my order from Herrschner's with yet another bunch of yarn & patterns for beautiful afghans; then, I ordered the rest of the Paton's wool yarn I needed to create the Crochet Bag from Attic24!  Phew!  I had better get hooking!!

And, as I promised yesterday, these are the octagons I have been crocheting to make into an afghan for my bed!  (or, more likely, the back of the sofa...)  I need to do some reading up on how to join them ... Lucy from Attic24 had a link on her blog to a wonderful lady who has a step-by-step tutorial on how it's done - I'll be sure to read that soon ...

love the vivid colors!!!

Little Miss Muffet helping prep the dough ...
Last night was "kids choice" dinner ... homemade pizza
was their choice, of course!!

my little man rolling out the dough ...

patting the cheese just so ...

mmm ... let's eat!

*          *          *
Waiting for the spring is always hard for me, but I came upon these photos from a few weeks ago and was reminded of the fun we always have playing outside!
all four kiddos, trudging through the snow to the back field, to go sledding

our golden, Winnie, ensuring "her" kids are ok!

a view of the backyard winter wonderland from my kitchen ...

 So with these snowy day pics, I'll say goodbye for today ... I hope to see you soon - I'm off the the store in a bit for some much needed groceries (and batteries for my camera!) ... perhaps afterwards I'll be able to sit for a bit with a cuppa tea and crochet!

~smile & be happy ... aimee

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hello out there!

OK ... I can do this! 

After much discussion (and at times persuading by my mom) I've decided to "attempt" a blog ... I've been reading quite a few and have been inspired ;) so, here goes!!
My first hurdle - what do I call said blog?!?!  After toying with Through the Looking Glass, the Beehive, and At Wit's End, my mother just happened to remind me of my most favorite Nursery Rhyme, The Little Red Hen -- perfect!!  Hence, my very own blog was born!
I love to crochet, cook & bake yummy goodness, so I'm sure I'll have many posts & pics about what I'm working on.  (Not to mention the occasional anecdote of my daily life as a mother of four - ages 3, 6, 10 & 12)

So, with a bit more "reading up" on just how to create a savvy blog, I hope to see more of you!

Thanks for visiting!
smile & be happy ~
Aimee, thelittleredhen
one of many "stashes" of yarn ...
I promise to take a pic of the octagons I'm working on -
this promises to be an awesome afghan!!

the beginnings of an afghan for my daughter ...

... and a chevron blanket for my six year old son ...

Oooh!  A close up of the granny square blanket I made for my youngest babe for Christmas!!