Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hello out there!

OK ... I can do this! 

After much discussion (and at times persuading by my mom) I've decided to "attempt" a blog ... I've been reading quite a few and have been inspired ;) so, here goes!!
My first hurdle - what do I call said blog?!?!  After toying with Through the Looking Glass, the Beehive, and At Wit's End, my mother just happened to remind me of my most favorite Nursery Rhyme, The Little Red Hen -- perfect!!  Hence, my very own blog was born!
I love to crochet, cook & bake yummy goodness, so I'm sure I'll have many posts & pics about what I'm working on.  (Not to mention the occasional anecdote of my daily life as a mother of four - ages 3, 6, 10 & 12)

So, with a bit more "reading up" on just how to create a savvy blog, I hope to see more of you!

Thanks for visiting!
smile & be happy ~
Aimee, thelittleredhen
one of many "stashes" of yarn ...
I promise to take a pic of the octagons I'm working on -
this promises to be an awesome afghan!!

the beginnings of an afghan for my daughter ...

... and a chevron blanket for my six year old son ...

Oooh!  A close up of the granny square blanket I made for my youngest babe for Christmas!!

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