Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Springtime happiness ...

This past week has been full of sunshine, warm breezes and new discoveries.  Nature has come alive all around us - the trees and flowers are in bloom and the kiddos discovered a bird's nest in their playhouse!  Yesterday, Millie snuck a peek in the nest and found that we have little hatchlings!  So far, three little baby birds have hatched from the brilliant blue eggs.  The little ones are ecstatic!  Bennie and Millie have carefully placed a saucer of birdseed and suet at the doorway of the playhouse hoping the Mama bird will easily find it ;)  Even Ollie was trying to dig for worms in the kitchen garden to feed to the Mama bird - so cute!!  After much discussion, Millie announced that the three baby birds shall be named:  April, May & June; when the fourth one hatches, perhaps it will be a boy bird :) -- it's name is to be determined!! 
The discovery of a bird's nest in the playhouse ...

.... inside four brilliant blue eggs!
Wee little hatchlings!
Taking full advantage of this wonderful sunshine, I've been crocheting outside, while the little ones play.  The vividness of my yarn colors under the full sun is just great!  Sitting on a blanket in my backyard, listening to the laughter and stories concocted by my children's imaginations, all the while surrounded by this beautiful nature - gorgeous colors and warm sunshine on my skin - is just the most wonderful feeling.  Mother nature is so incredible and inspiring!  I love it!
Saturday morning, the sun is bright and hot ...

... as I sit crocheting away, Millie and Ollie are laughing and running all through the dandelions ...

Yes, I am under that big straw hat!  haha

... as the kids run and play, Bruce is readying the "big" garden ...

Some more pics from this past week ...... just because ;)

Little Cutie Pie, Ollie, under my Weeping Cherry

the pinks against the bright blue sky - spectacular!!

Ollie, zooming about on his trike!

the apple tree

look at all the dandelions!

Who could ever resist this little guy!
 "Look, Mama!  I pickted you some flowers!"

The sun was so bright that my camera could barely focus on the yellow petals!!
afternoon fun ... coloring and crochet -- and music ;)

Note Miss Millie's crochet journal! 

Even Tully kitty is loving the afternoon sunshine ;)

For a time, my kitchen garden had been overrun with cute boys and Tonka Trucks ... but, on Sunday, we had to explain to the boys that it was time for some planting.  So, Bruce, assisted with a very eager Ollie, planted the lettuces and spinach and chard ... seeing Ollie's determination while planting every teeny-tiny lettuce seed in just the right place, was very endearing!  I am so glad that we have been able to raise our children with a knowledge of organic vegetable gardening ... once in a while, I get this urge to have a go at true Homesteading, but once I realize the cost of animal husbandry, I realize, gardening is just fine ;)

Nothing beats playing with Dad's old Tonka Trucks in the dirt!

Hoping to find worms ...

sigh ... no more Tonka Truck fun!  The lettuces, spinach and chard is planted ...

My ripple blanket is working up quickly and I just love it; this Stylecraft yarn is an absolute dream to crochet and the bright cheerful colors are making this hooky goodness a fun process!  Millie cannot wait to see what color I'm using next ;) and I'm proud to say that she's becoming an excellent crocheter ;) (not sure that's even a real word! haha). 

outside the colors just pop!

this morning's new color ... pale blue

After receiving a gift of yarn from Grandma Marcia, Millie was determined to learn how to create a granny square.  Not wanting me to teach her, she stayed up late Friday night with the iPad in her lap, surrounded by skeins of yarn on the sofa and watched several YouTube videos; early Saturday morning, voila!  Her very first granny, without Mom's help!

Friday morning, before school :: Millie trying to learn how to granny crochet from me ...
Eventually deciding that I'm not teaching her the correct way, out come the scissors and all those stitches! 
Tada!  Saturday morning's re-created granny square!  Millie did a beautiful job!!

Well my friends, our seedlings need to be watered and then I'm off to do a bit of ripply hooky goodness!
Have a wonderful day ;)
the seedlings ... soon to be planted ;)

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