Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy days ...

a double rainbow! 

Goodness the past week has been jam packed with many, many things!! 
From "big things" like the Memorial Day parades & music concerts and opening the pool - to the daily day to day happenings of school projects, studying with the kiddos, what to make for dinner (?!) and a bit of hooky goodness at the end of the days (to retain my sanity, of course!) -- phew!  I'm beat!  And this is not even including the seemingly never ending housework & laundry (thankfully Bruce likes to do laundry way more than I do!), lawn work, gardening and veggie garden planting -- oh my!!  The end of May always seems a bit chaotic and oftentimes filled with tears, as the realization that only 5 more weeks of school remain ... But, on two good notes, I was able to meet up with some lovely friends, whom I haven't seen for a year and had dinner -- it was a very welcome night out, sans kiddos!  Also, on Saturday, little Ollie decided to be done with diapers!  After a trip to the store to purchase some special "unders" (as he calls them) Oliver has had great success with potty training!  I know, I know - only parents can get this excited about this sort of thing!!  My wee babe is growing up! ;)


Our Memorial Day holiday was this past Monday -- this day really resonates with our family, as we are trying to teach our children to be thankful and to never forget those men and women who have sacrificed, so that we may enjoy our Rights and Freedoms -- we honor those heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who will always reside in our hearts and we will never forget! 
At the Parade!

My four kiddos, after the parade - ready for some ice cream!
Very proud of Foxie - marching
and playing his dad's Flugabone horn with pride!
Miss Millie was in a choral concert last week and one song, dated from around 1850, was all about mustaches ... so, at the directors request, all children needed their very own mustache - of course, I crocheted one for her -- a lovely thick handle bar one!!  Cute & silly ...

The last big project for the 5th grade has been completed!  It dealt with economics - the creation of a product and it's sale ... Millie & I went around and around with ideas, until we both came up with making iPod/iPhone covers!! 
Next, was trying to come up with a simple pattern that worked -- I toyed with a simple crocheted rectangle, which I'd stitch up the sides like an envelope, but it looked too sloppy ... so, on Friday night (out with my friends at a Pub) I envisioned the bottom and how I'd crochet in the round -- as I was counting in my head, my friend Sandy asked me, "Are you counting?" to which I replied, "Yes!  I'm figuring out a crochet pattern for my daughter."  We both laughed and agreed that I need to get out more!! 
So, with a simple chain and working on the right side only, I was able to create the "cupped bottom" and then the sides.  They turned out super cute and I have many, many requests from friends and family for one -- perhaps Etsy is in my future!! hahaha
the very first one ... yeah!  my first attempt at creating my own pattern ;)

one for the boys ...


the required six iPod covers, all ready for Market Day!
(I am very annoyed that this pic refuses to turn right side up!!! grrrrrr)

After a few days of non-stop iPod case crochet, I was able to pick up my ripple and add a few more rows.  I cannot tell you how much I love this blanket!!!  I smile every time I walk into the kitchen and see it resting on my rocking chair ... 

late night, in my bed hooky - watching Graham Norton

this pic was taken without the flash on - a bit truer color

A close up of the goodness :) 
I love seeing how big this has grown! 
Ollie likes to sit with me as I crochet and snuggle under its rippled loveliness ;)
I've plans to complete the first half of the ripple this weekend -- when I'm not planting the rest of the veggie garden with the family ... we have a busy weekend planned, as usual!!
Friday night is the Father/Daughter dance at the Elementary School and Bruce has asked a very, very excited Millie -- between a new dress, flowery hair bands & new hot pink patent leather sandals, my little princess looks all grown up! ;)  I'll be sure to post pics ...
Have a wonderful weekend!  It's supposed to be in the 90's for the next four days here!  Phew!
Enjoy -- xoxoxo
found this on Facebook - not sure who to give the credit to, but this rings so true for me!! hahaha

love this ... xoxo

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