Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family fun ...

Friday was the Father/Daughter dance ... my Lil' Beauty!

Miss Millie and her Daddy - my they dress up nicely! ;)

Although it was terribly hot (90 degrees), Bruce and Millie did attend the Father/Daughter dance at the Elementary School on Friday night - they danced every Taylor Swift song (Millie's favorite) and Bruce led both the Hokey-Pokey and the Chicken Dance - way to go!!  (I wish I was there with the camera to get tons of pics!)  They came home a bit deflated from the heat, but with giant grins - these are the special memories which will last a lifetime ... and who better to bring Millie to her first dance than her Daddy??  (Bruce even bought her a corsage at the dance - what a softie!)
Saturday was another hot day - Bruce planted more veggies in the garden and I rushed about mowing the lawn - we were both trying to beat the heat!!  In the early afternoon, we had an impromptu pool party!  At one point, there were 9 kids swimming about laughing and playing -- I love the summer! 
On a whim, our friends asked us to join them later that evening for a Monster Truck Rally/Derby - the boys were more than eager to go - so we did!  It was loud (and dirty!) but we all had so much fun!  It's great to go out with friends - especially my closest ones who also have 4 kids = everyone has a playmate - including us parents! haha

The truck was zooming by so quickly, I couldn't focus fast enough!

Bennie's favorite monster truck!

This truck, was getting ready for a crazy stunt ...

A full somersault!  Here he goes ....

.... and CRASH!  It was definitely crazy!

Bennie posing by the 2nd place Derby winner ...
 Now for some tire poses ... (please excuse the white reflections in my kiddos eyes - I cannot seen to fix it!  The kids love it because they look "zombie-ish" - ugh)

Foxie ...

Bennie ...

Ollie ... (He was a bit afraid of how incredibly big the truck was!)

.... and Millie, striking a pose! haha

Daddy makes the truck less scary! xo

and the family ... silly fun!

Sunday was a relaxing, stay at home day ... the kids swam all day ... Bruce and I set up the shade tent and lounged beneath it on some big blankets all afternoon ... we lunched outside and even had a bit of a nap.  I love these lazy kind of days where we don't have any plans ... we can just 'be'. 

I did squeeze in a bit of crochet (of course!) as I love to hook outside in the breeze ... I've started a sofa blanket/throw for our dear cousin who is getting married in July - it dawned on me that I have very little time as it's June already!!  Here are a few pics (mind you, it's in its early stages ;)

this has got to be the BIGGEST hook I've ever seen!  15.25mm!!

But, it does work up quick!

Yesterday, enjoying more sunshine and hooky goodness as Ollie played outside ... ahhh - I so love the summer!


Well, my wonderful readers (wherever you are) enjoy your day - it is another beautiful one here already! Be happy ~ xo

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