Thursday, April 11, 2013

grey skies and rain . . .

So, the old adage, "April Showers, bring May flowers" keeps running through my brain today .... please let it be so!!  I, like most of you, am so ready for Spring!  The warm sunshine, blooming flowers and budding trees ... thankfully, we have plenty of birdsong!  (My daughter aptly put all the rain fall thusly, "It's making the grass turn the loveliest shade of green, Ma ..."  - now that's a positive spin!)
the dreary back yard ...

My goodness .... it has been quite a while since my last post!  I do apologize -- after the Easter Holiday, my kiddos and hubby had an entire week off!  And it was wonderful!  We were all together at home - Bruce didn't have to teach (skiing or tennis) which usually is the case over other school breaks ... we played games, read books, went for walks (those were chilly!!), cleaned up bedrooms, did loads and loads of laundry and had a James Bond Movie-thon!  Thanks to my brother, Chris, we are now in possession of every single James Bond movie ever made!!  We were successful in watching the first 5 (Sean Connery) films - Bruce and I have seen all of the Bond movies over the years and are excited that our boys have taken a keen interest!  And while 007 was foiling another scheme, I was happily crocheting and listening to the younger two boys recreating the car/boat/plane chases (Millie opted out of the movie going and instead played Barbie's in her room!)


Okie-dokie ..... thinking back to Easter Sunday - it was very chilly!  But that did not stop the Easter Bunny from visiting ;) although, he decided to hide the eggs inside Gramma Marcia's house as opposed to outside - excellent choice, if I may say so myself!!  (I was even gifted with the most wonderful book on crocheting flowers: 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield.  Thanks Mom ;)  Just what I needed to complete the glorious stripey bag, designed by Lucy at Attic24 -- I took lots of pics!)  One inspiring design, thirteen balls of wonderful woolly yarn, some hooky magic, eight colorful posies with bright button centers and voila!  My bag is complete!!  I am so happy with how it has turned out ;) the only drawback is that I now have several requests from others to make one for them! 

the little posy center flowers ....

..... to be placed inside the larger posies ... so ...

I'm sorry this is sideways .... I tried everything to fix this!  Stubborn computer .. grrrrr
my favorite flower ;)

I just love how this turned out!!

I owe oodles of thanks to Lucy@Attic24!!
Oh!  Even my sister has been persuaded to begin this hooking madness - yeah!  Another recruit into the wonderful world of yarn, all thanks to this glorious bag, which incidentally, has immediately been put to good use.  I found a wonderful pattern online, printed it out and dug into my cache of yarn and have begun my next project - the circles in squares blanket ... so far, so good! 
ooohh ... new yarn for a new project!
Bernat Waverly Yarn
100% Acrylic Colors as follows:
Claret, Tibetan Red, Rosy Pink
Willow, Princess (pale ink), Turtle Green
 Celadon, Cement
Bicycle Blue, Antique 

Circles in Squares Blanket by Bernet

the first of 30 "squares" ...

this yarn is sooo smooth and lovely to work with!

the greens certainly look lime-y under my Ott-light!

I also celebrated my 36th birthday this past week -- I was given the most lovely gifts too!  Bruce took me clothes shopping (yeah! new shirts, capris & Levis!) and still managed to surprise me with a beautiful retro inspired scarf, a new mug and my very favorite luxurious hand lotion (Royal Apothic Balmoral Rain); my kiddos surprised me with a new bird feeder, clay toad house, flower seeds and a daisy mum - all for my beautiful kitchen herb/flower garden; my sister found the most wonderful book - The Ultimate Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot and the Gingher bird scissors I have been oogling for so long (but would never splurge on!); my step-mother (recently inspired by me - hehe - I love it!! to "re-learn" stitches) gave me two books on crochet:  Around the Corner Crochet Borders and Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, both by Edie Eckman - (yeah, they are awesome! A million ideas are bouncing about in my head as a result - hehe); my Auntie gifted me with a bit of green, which I used to purchase a lovely book, Cute & East Crochet by Nicki Trench; and my Mama, she made me cry -- remember the early gifting of those 27 skeins of yarn? Well, she sent away and gifted me with a dotty-spotty Emma Bridgewater mug - I am spoiled indeed!
toad house, mug & hand lotions

I bought the Chibi darning needle set/holder for myself ;)

from my wonderful sister ...

aren't these soooo lovely!!!

the spotty dotty Emma Bridgewater mug from my Mama ;)
Oh, my!  The ideas these two books have created ....

I just love daisy mums ... xoxo

Now that there are so many ladies in my family who are crochet mad, I have declared that we shall take up the mantle of "The Happy Hookers" and meet weekly for tea & delicious treats and yarn magic!  The humble little yarn parties of just my mama and I will now include six to possibly ten - we will sound like some cackling hen's indeed!

Well my dears .... I really do need to attend to the ever growing pile of laundry and plan out dinner - all so I can sit and crochet!! 
Be happy ~
Aimee xoxo


My kitties, Gus & Tully, on Monday, April 8th (my b-day!), when the sun was shining ...


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