Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, Monday ...

Yesterday, I was, believe it or not, shocked into awareness by my kiddos that next week is Easter!!  (And here I was, thinking that it's still February, darn the weather!)  So, we have baskets and plastic eggs to locate and ready for the upcoming weekend ... I am thankful to be spending Easter with family and we're having dinner at my Mom's house.  The kids did a little happy dance hearing this and Bennie announced, "Grandma Marcia makes the best Easter dinner and I call sitting next to my best buddy Papa!"  (Funny, all Foxie was interested in was what kind of pie we were having!  Ahh, the worries of a 12 year old boy!)

I am happy to report that I have completed the body of my yarn bag! I am just finishing up the scalloped edging, then will be crocheting up the straps - which should take me no time!! Then it'll be sewing the straps on and creating some little hooky flowers to pretty it up!! 

the finishing touch - scalloped edging ;)

I'm super happy with how this has turned out so far!

I never knew how easy it was to create scalloped edging ...
7 DC's, skip 2, slip stitch, skip 2, 7 DC's - repeat!   


And then .....?
Will it be working with those 27 luscious colors to create my Hex Blanket? 
Or ... the Circles in Squares throw?
Or ... work a bit more on my octo-blanket? 
Or ... do as my Mom just did and purchase more yarn to create a Granny Stripe throw? 
Or ... more yarn shopping to create a Ripple Blanket??
Oh, there are just too many beautiful projects that I want to work on! 
My goodness, decisions, decisions!! hahaha
Whichever I decide upon, I promise to share!

Well, my dears, I am going to turn on the music (quite loud) and get onto some hooky goodness!
be happy & let's all think SUNSHINE!!
~ xoxoxo


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