Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little snow, a little crochet ...

Hello all!  Just a quick update today, as I'm on a "roll" with my hooky goodness!

Last night, I ripped out 12 rows of my yarn bag ... I know, my daughter was distressed too! But, it began to resemble a floppy Moses basket, or funky baby blanket, as opposed to a cute tote bag. So, out came the darning needle and pick, pick, pick ... those finishing knots were freed and all those bright yarn double crochets were pulled out ... (remember back to me stating that crochet is, at times, a cathartic experience? Yup ... I'm sticking to that!)

much too big ... Ollie wanted to cover himself with Mama's circle blanket!

now that's much better!
Thus far today, I've managed to crochet 4+ rows on the side of my bag .... Plus, I've made 2 of the 5 frou-frou scarves for my Aunt Katie ... Progress, while keeping warm inside, listening to the wind blow and watching the little snow flurries continue ... wishing spring was truly here! At least my Ollie babe is having indoor fun building giant wooden train tracks (he is singing "Go, go, Thomas!" So cute in his little voice!)

train fun!

With this my lovelies, I'll be off - have a wonderful day!
~ aimee xoxox

P.S.  Apparently, it's Pie Day (3.14) and my favorite is pumpkin, but my kiddos love apple ... Perhaps I will need to do a bit of baking this afternoon to celebrate? 

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