Monday, March 4, 2013

Still no daffodils today . . .

Alas, dear friends, I had no success finding potted daffodils this past weekend, so Mr. Bunny Rabbit will continue on, alone, on the kitchen table ... I am, however, determined to remedy this!! (even if it means purchasing silk ones - gasp!)

the kitchen table at my Mom's ... proving that even silk daffy's are lovely too!

*          *          *
We had a very productive (and fun) weekend!  Friday evening my parents took little Ollie, Bennie, and I to a spaghetti dinner at the Cheshire Fire House (a benefit for the Cheshire Association).  We saw many friends & family members - a great time had by all.  Afterwards, the two boys and I had a movie & popcorn night - Herbie was the movie of choice, allowing me the time needed to crochet dozens of granny squares for my blanket. 
On Saturday, after the morning chores were completed, we headed up to my Mom's (Gramma Marcia's) house.  The boys went off with Papa Bill to see the new baby chicks at the tractor store and then to his workshop. 
Miss Millie and I were happy to join the ladies (my Auntie and cousin joined us) for a cuppa tea, homemade sticky buns, macaroons & molasses cookies - mmmm!  We had music on, chit-chatted and crocheted away, all the while nibbling on yummy goodness and drinking tea - it certainly did become a yarn frenzy!!  I do have to admit to not getting as much done as I had hoped too ... ;)

 Perhaps we should start a hook happy crochet club, ladies?? :)

The afternoon turned late; we put away our crochet, but we weren't quite ready to leave Gramma's so, we decided to cook dinner together.  The kids were super happy!!!  We made a Jamie Oliver favorite, beef & veg stir fry ... it was delicious!
Afterwards, when the washing up was all done & put away, Bruce and Ollie snuggled up on the sofa for a wee nap, Foxie and Papa played Rummy, Bennie drove cars around and around the oriental rug ("Gramma Marcia's rugs make the best road-ways, Mama!", Bennie exclaimed) and Millie, Mom & I sat hooking away in the comfort of her living room.  A very good day!

*            *            *
Yesterday, was a day for catching up ... we all slept in until almost 9 o'clock!!  After coffee & breakfast, the seemingly never ending search for the Easter decorations continued (they are in a "safe place" in the basement ... so safe that I cannot remember where!! haha).  Laundry, homework & tidying up was on the docket ... by the late afternoon, none of us were particularly hungry for a big meal, so we settled upon a carpet picnic of meats & cheeses with apples & grapes - I was so hoping for a glass of wine, but I hadn't any!  (Yet another situation to remedy!! haha)  A fitting end to a great weekend.
*          *          *
this isn't the best pic - a bit blurry, but you get the idea!

 Now, on to crochet!!  I was successful in bordering 12 of my octagons in espresso brown; but failed at joining them ... I tried to join as I go, but it wasn't working out the way I had hoped (I feared not having enough strength in the blanket, as each piece would only be joined at the corners) ... so I tried to join them with a single crochet, which looked terrible!  So, after pulling that apart, I decided to go to bed and just figure it out today.  (I stewed about it for a bit until I decided to just slip stitch it together, then proceeded to be awake for most of the night ... ugh!  Must have been my afternoon coffee with Bruce ...)
Well friends, I'm off to refill my morning coffee and get to slip-stitching!  Have a wonderful day!  The sun is shining here, which kind of makes up for the freezing cold!
~ be happy, xoxoxo

my happy kiddos this morning,
skipping down the driveway

my snowy boggs ...

happy spring chick & gnome on my kitchen sill

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