Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy (day after) St. Patty's Day!

Top o'the mornin to you all!  I was so hoping to post yesterday, but it seems as though we were just too busy doing family things - Our weekend was full of cleaning & tidying, laughing & eating, skiing & playing, and listening to music & creating!

lovely sunshine yellow tulips!
On Saturday, after a bit more spring cleaning (we call it that, but spring seems to not want to make an appearance this year!) and baking gooey-chocolate brownies - my Hubby's request :), the kids located the batteries (I thought I had so cunningly hid!) and powered up the Wii game.  All four of them laughed and played well past the noon hour.  A great diversion for Foxie I might add, as he was becoming increasingly nervous to perform in his school's solo festival.  He played Aria by Mozart on his baritone.  It was marvelous!  We are very, very proud of him!  (Plus my nervousness was well masked with some furious crochet!  I managed to finish the last three scarves for my Aunt Katie - these fingers were quick indeed! haha)
frou-frou scarf #3

coffee & crochet - keeping my nerves for Foxie at bay!
And they're done! 
Frou-frou scarf glory! 
purple, violet, silver, turquoise & burgundy
... just one more look!  I am pleased with these - super fun & easy - I've even taught Millie how!
 Later that evening, we met up with my parents, my mother in law, sister, niece and nephew at our Aunt & Uncle's restaurant, Brew&Brats for some bangers and mash.  It was a very delicious meal and we had a great time listening to an Irish Folk band and watching our kiddos dance!  (Even better - our cousin was engaged that same day - much love is wished to them both!! xoxo)
Bennie was so fast on his feet, that I couldn't get the camera focused! hahaha
Yesterday, the boys were up bright and early and headed to Bristol Mt. to ski - they saw the Easter Bunny on the hill - he skied right past the kids!  Daddy brought them home tired and laden with kettle popcorn, tee shirts, rosy cheeks and tired smiles.  They all elected to lay down after lunch too! 

Around 4 o'clock, we headed up to my parents house for the much anticipated Saint Patrick's Day traditional meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage - delicious!  I can honestly say, one of my most favorite meals - thanks Mama!! 

Feeling much too sleepy after stuffing ourselves, we all snuggled up on the sofa for a bit of TV, then off to bed ... my eyes were so unfocused at times, that I found myself ripping out double stitches, only to mess them up again! 
it is coming along, albeit slowly, but surely!

Today, it is blustery and cold ... I am so ready for Spring and Winter is just stubbornly hanging on!  Ugh ... baking has helped to put a smile on every ones faces, but not on my waistline - haha!!  Well friends, I need to pop the chicken into the oven to roast for a yummy dinner ... hope to report more later!
Stay warm & be happy!
hugs ~ aimee xoxo
 I just love how these little yarn balls look all nestled in their wooden bowl!


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