Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring ahead!

My goodness!  I am sorry to have left blog land for so many days, but what a busy 5 days we've had!  Ollie and I were spring cleaning fanatics - even the playroom had the "Mommy Treatment" as my kids put it ... I only wish the spring weather was truly here!  I long to throw open the windows and doors to let in some fresh air! 

Friday was a half day for the kids & we were determined to have fun!  We went to the car wash, (always exciting to 4 kids, no matter what your age!) and since it was bright & sunny, but not very warm, we had a car picnic, next to Canandaigua Lake! 
We then drove to Geneva, NY in search of another yarn shop ... thus far I hadn't been able to find that perfect shade of sunshine yellow for my yarn bag and just had to go shop for some!hehe  The kids love to go for rides in the car, especially since they'd be able to see Seneca Lake - only two streets away from the Yarn Shop.  It was a drive full of laughs and silliness - Foxie played DJ and the other kids were "seat dancing" in time to the music. 
After successfully finding my yarn, we drove next to the lake - the sunshine made the water sparkle - it really made all of us yearn for warm weather!
We shopped a bit then headed home for kids choice dinner night (baked chicken with salt potatoes & greens) and a family movie night with tons of popcorn & sweet tea!  Happy kiddos, snoring hubby and a content Mama (happily crocheting away) all snuggled up together, in the playroom, watching Cats & Dogs - a very fine end to a great Friday!
A major case of the sillies! 
Saturday was the last day for Skiing Brigades at Bristol Mountain, which marked the transition from skiing to tennis for Bruce & Foxie ... they are both sad to see the snow melt, but are excited to be swinging racquets again! 
Bennie was up bright & early with Papa Bill - out for pancakes then off to Papa's barn to do repairs on the big 'ole dump truck! 
Millie & I made tea & toast and drooled over the dresses in Hannah Andersson (she wishes she were small again so she could wear all the dresses!) and after tidying up the dishes, spent a little while re-arranging the shed to get the bicycles out.  While Millie & Ollie were riding bikes in the driveway, I decided that some sweeping & organizing of the garage was desperately needed.  Yet another tick mark on my Spring Cleaning To-Do List!
After lunch, we headed up to Gramma Marcia's house for another yarn party!  We have decided that this is the perfect way to spend Saturday afternoons!  Tea, music, chatter & crochet = perfection!!  My Mom has begun a gorgeous Granny Square Throw, Millie was finishing up a kitchen cloth for her Auntie Melissa and I was busily making a frou-frou scarf for her as well.  (My sister's birthday was Sunday - nothing like waiting for the last minute to finish her gift!!)
Happy Birthday, my dear sis!
On Sunday, we had to set the clocks ahead an hour ("Spring Ahead" and I am sill trying to get used to the time change!) The boys headed down the Naples, NY to have breakfast and a visit with my Mother-In-Law, while I finished up a few last minute errands, before heading back up to my mom's to help get ready for both my brother & sister's birthday dinner.  Of course, with us girls involved, so was crochet! ;)

I am happy to have the bottom of my bag completed, as well as a few side rows ... hopefully I'll have more time to sit and crochet, especially since the weather has, once again, turned chilly & dreary ...

the bottom of my lovely & bright yarn bag!

the beginnings of the side

Have a wonderful day - let's all think Spring and hope for some sunshine!!
~be happy xoxo 

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Foxie took the training wheels off Bennie's bike yesterday and helped him ride without them!  Two smiling, proud boys made for a very happy/weepy Mommy moment .... love these kids sooooo much!
Foxie & Bennie, posing at the starting line ....

Here he goes!

Yahoo!  He's speeding away!

The proud finish!

Ollie, riding about too!


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