Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

Although the weather is quite bleak, grey & snowy out, I've had a happy start to my day. 

The kids were all smiles & a-chatter about school today -- it's the last afternoon/evening of ski club, so both Foxie & Millie were happy about skiing at Bristol Mt. with Bruce (he's the ski club advisor) ... Millie was also looking forward to playing her trumpet on the announcements this morning, to celebrate St. David's Day/first day of March (she practiced over & over last night -- Oh When the Saint's Go Marching In has been stuck in my head since last night!). 

Today is also Spirit Friday, so the kiddos were all allowed to wear a hat today.  Millie chose a woolly- knit, red & white stripped elfin looking one, Bennie wore his John Deere tractor cap (of course), Foxie his CA Braves cap (even though I thought he looked quite dapper in a fedora :) - What does Mom know anyway? hehe) and Bruce decided against the silly skunk hat (think Johnny Appleseed's beaver skin hat, except with a fake skunk - my choice, again not to be!) and wore his gardening straw hat instead.  Everyone looked spirited, that's for sure!!

Oliver and I enjoyed a quiet morning ... Momma crocheting and he, studiously coloring away with his Color Wonder set from Christmas.  The snow was gently falling and if we listened carefully, we could hear birdsong -- there is hope that Spring will eventually arrive!

my morning crochet companions ... hand cream, hot coffee &
Henry the Caterpillar (the pencil pouch Ollie picked out to hold all my crochet hooks & goodies)

This afternoon I am determined to find some potted daffodils to put on the kitchen table ... perhaps some hyacinth for my mantle ... I need some bright & cherry colors!  I see so many beautiful pics of fresh flowers on others' pages, that I too, must bring the Spring inside!! :)

*            *           *

I am hoping to make more progress on my octagon blanket over the weekend (we haven't made plans, so I'm looking forward to a yarn frenzy with Miss Millie; perhaps we can convince Grandma Marcia to join us!!)  Last night, after the kids were all tucked in, I began crocheting the granny squares needed to piece together with the octagons - I hope this works!!  I am, however, very determined to finally learn how to "join as I go" (fingers crossed) ... that being said, I wish everyone a Happy St. David's Day!! 

... hoping this plan in my head works ... !

Have a wonderful weekend ~ be happy

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