Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Isn't it wonderful just saying that?!  My kiddos were super excited this morning, singing Happy Spring and dancing about in their jammies; then we went outside to await the bus - BRRR!  25 degrees F! (-4 Celsius)  It was almost enough to dampen our spirits, but the bird song was cheerful and all around us! 
Millie shouted up at the sky, "Even the birds know it's Spring!  Please warm up the Earth, Mother Nature!" 
Which prompted Ben to ask, "Mommy ... If I send a letter to Santa, do you think he will tell Mother Nature and maybe mention to God to give us the real Spring weather?"
"Why send it to Santa?  Why not just say a prayer directly to God in Heaven?" I asked. 
"Well, Mama, He is busy preparing for Easter!"  Never mess with a child's solid logic!  (I so love my boy! xoxo)

Foxie and I hung up and filled three bird feeders over the weekend and have placed them on a few Shepard's hooks near the kitchen windows ... it took a bit of time for the birds to discover the treats, but now we have loads of visitors!  I saw a Cardinal Couple (as I like to refer to them, as there was a male & female), which are my favorite birds; lots of chic-a-dee's and finches; and a blue bird!   
Gus has discovered the birds in the back yard!

Tully, stalking the birds in the feeder!

I have a feeling this is the kitties new favorite place!
On Monday, I began a new scarf (I know, it's Spring!  Why make another scarf?!) for a dear friend of mine.  I had previously made a frou-frou one for her, but then I found this super soft bulky yarn at Joann's and it screamed, buy me!  So, I did and whipped up this little scarf ... it only took a few hours and I know it's just perfect for my girlfriend!  (much more suited to her style than ruffles ;) happy b-day!)
this is so super soft & cuddly - I will definitely need to make one for myself!
And my yarn bag, although still unfinished, looks lovely in all it's striped glory ... just a few more rows, then I can make the handles, attach those and create the scalloped edging at the top rim!  Oh!  I need to learn how to make yarn posies too ... best do some more research on how!  (Perhaps the Easter Bunny will bring me a few of my wish list books for Easter?)
only 9 more rows to go!

love the stripey goodness ;)

Well my lovelies, I need to get ready for my hair appointment - perhaps a fresh cut & a bit of color is what I need?  Hmmm . . .
~ be glad and have a happy first day of spring! xoxoxo

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